Nicholas Firan

Welcome. I'm a designer with a multi-disciplinary background. I enjoy being part of the creative process, contributing from end to end. I'm never scared of a challenege and always excited when I get to learn new things.


How do you solve a problem without knowing what the problem is? Step one in the design process is to listen and understand. Any creative output thereafter should always relate back to the problem at hand. Design nowadays comes to us in so many media, it's important to understand the various workflows that digital and print design each have in order to achieve a successful result.


I've been shooting photos for over 10 years now. I love using phtography as an excuse to go on an adventure, share an interesting moment, or help tell a story. A terrible photo can raise questions, while a good one – as they say – can say a thousand words.

Front-End Dev

What good is a beautiful design if it isn't coded into a working site? I enjoy the challenge or writing HTML and CSS to bring a great design to all our daily devices.